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Meet Sandra McNeely

MBA,FFI Fellow

Sandra is the founder and managing director at Abbey Legacy. Sandra facilitates a process that has been linked to higher levels of multi-generational family business success. Key elements of her process include succession planning, owner and multi-generation family meeting facilitation, alignment of management’s strategy with family vision and values and board effectiveness. Her ability to engage owners, the family, management, and the board results in enhanced communication, strong family relationships and keen alignment of owners and management. Her experience as a former CEO and certified financial planner along with her MBA in Finance round out the financial and management skills she brings to family businesses.


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What I Specialize In


Succession can be one of the most painful

and critical times for a family business.

Mostly because every family business is a tangled

and complex mix of family, management,

and wealth creation. 

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By its very nature, an advisory board remains outside the fray of your everyday business. They do not participate in the direct management of the business, but instead act as a sounding board, allowing you to express partially defined or tentative views before a group whose sole purpose is to provide advice.



"From the first day Sandra McNeely walked through the doors of our company, we knew she was just the person who could help us manage today’s challenges while planning for the future. She helped us focus on creating a way forward for the family, the owners, and our companies. We believe her ability to engage everyone in conversation and hold us accountable has been key to our success in transitioning leadership and owners from the first to the second generation."

Muth Electric, Inc.


Darlene Muth, First generation owner and Corporate Secretary


Dick Muth, First generation owner and Chairman of the Board 

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