Strategic Planning

A strategic plan that balances the needs of the family with the needs of the business will both improve operations and minimize risks. Abbey Legacy knows what works best and our proven process will bring the legacy of success to your family business.

Succession Planning

Do you know who's going to take over leading your business? Do you know how? Do you know when? Passing on leadership to the next generation is never easy. Abbey Legacy's proven process has the power to help you navigate these questions and make timely decisions in a productive manner.

And if your decision is to sell your business, Abbey Legacy can assist with defining and implementing exit strategies.

Advisory and Corporate Board Implementation

By its very nature, an advisory board remains outside the fray of your everyday business. They do not participate in the direct management of the business, but instead act as a sounding board, allowing you to express partially defined or tentative views before a group whose sole purpose is to provide advice.

Abbey Legacy will assist you in finding objective, third-party outsiders with deep experience managing different businesses in different industries to provide you with expert advice without bias.

Once in place, they will help nourish new and innovative product ideas, assess the needs of new markets, and even help develop your strategic succession plans. Their expertise can nudge even the most reluctant family members to stay focused on the future by bringing the best information and ideas in from the outside.

And since, as a corporation, you are required to have a corporate board, Abbey Legacy can also work with you to ensure that your board structure will help you focus on priorities to support your business direction.

Family Meeting Facilitation

A family whose members are on the same page can serve as a major asset to the family-owned business. Family vision and values run deep in the family business. Abbey Legacy has served as an outside facilitator to families involved in a myriad of businesses and industries to bring clarity and consensus in the family meeting setting. An outside facilitator can bring everyone's ideas and interests to the table, work with a family to prioritize and apply those ideas and interests in a way that is rewarding for the family and productive for the business.